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Cakes, chocolates, syrups, jams, wines, monks' beer, spirits from the Grande Chartreuse (green or yellow), bookstore, jewelry store ... we invite you to find in our shop a selection of typical products of monastic craftsmanship. Quality products, made by the monasteries or those close to our beautiful Saint-Vincent de Chantelle abbey, French know-how in all that is most beautiful and tasty. Religious objects, selected by the Community, natural products, respectful, made with passion, cultivated in a reasoned way, even in permaculture like the plants used in the food supplements Maylis, the Monastery of Solan, the Alexion of Aiguebelle ... We cannot present the products of all the abbeys, but find here the best of the monasteries of:
- Aiguebelle (Alexion, syrups, pollen, balm ...)
- Solan (wine, salt, vinegars ... =
- Trappe de Briquebec (the famous pâtés)
- Notre Dame de Oelenberg (Alsatian noodles)
- Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux (Cakes, olive oils ...)
- Sainte-Marie du Désert (Honey, sweets, etc.)
- The guard's trap (jams, jellies ...)
- Sept-Fons (Germalyne, muesli ...)
- Maylis (lepidium, waxes ...)
And many others - La transfiguration, Landevenec, Timadeux, Soligny, La Joie Notre-Dame, Cabanoule, Bouzy-la-Forêt ...

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