Pure Arabica coffee - Cameroonian monks
  • Pure Arabica coffee - Cameroonian monks

Pure Arabica coffee - Cameroonian monks


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Discover the result of work carried out by passionate Cameroonian monks.

Finely ground, the coffee of Koutabas' abbey is a pure Arabica, reserved for lovers of old-fashioned, piston-type coffee makers ...

Enjoy a quality fruity coffee, lovingly grown and slightly full-bodied

A delicate roast for a coffee from the brothers' culture. Working the soil gives the coffee plants a characteristic odor that you will find in your cup and when this delicate drink infuses your coffee maker.

Plantation of the monks of the Koutaba monastery in Cameroon. The beans are carefully picked and worked and carefully checked.

It is at 1,200 meters, on the high plateaus of West Cameroon, that the Cistercian monks cultivate this Arabica. They ensure its distribution throughout Cameroon, as well as in France, thanks to their founding abbey of Notre-Dame d'Aiguebelle. This Arabica is a sweet and fruity coffee that comes straight from the small plantation of the Monks of the Koutaba Monastery. All the beans are picked, worked and checked with care and attention, which keeps all the flavor and aroma of this coffee.
It is self-sufficient and can be drunk alone, without mixing.

Supplier: Abbey of Notre Dame d'Aiguebelle / Monastery of Koutaba

Ingredients: 100% Pure ground Arabica

Net Weight: 250g

Made in Cameroon by the monks. Packaged in France at the abbey.


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