Eau de Cologne, Soothing 90% vol.
  • Eau de Cologne, Soothing 90% vol.
  • Made in France in our cellars
  • Handmade brewed cologne
  • French artisanal cologne

Eau de Cologne, Soothing 90% vol. - Chantelle Monastery


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Les Bénédictines de Chantelle offers you a part of history, handmade here at the abbey Saint-Vincent de Chantelle by nones.

A moment of calm with a touch of Bergamot, a global harmony, a blend of delicacy of plants and citrus freshness.

This soothing cologne is a real trip to your senses.

Based on natural essences obtained from plants harvested in the sun of the South or even of Africa, our colognes are carefully filtered after having matured a long time. Hence their craftsmanship and the excellent performance of their scents.

For your pleasure and that of your loved ones.
Les Bénédictines de Chantelle, quality and energy.

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Usage tips :

After a shower, in perfume throughout the day or just to bloom a linen, a breath of Cologne ...

In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.

A harmony of delicate and racy fragrances blends with the freshness of fine citrus fruits.

90% vol.

A short history of cologne

Certainly born in Italy where it was made by religious, aqua mirabilis was used therapeutically. Supposed to cure many ailments, Cologne had, says its legend, many virtues.

"It is a sovereign remedy against Evil Cadux, Apoplexy, Paralysis. Tremor, Neck stiffness that prevents movement, Heart palpitations, catarrh caused by cold moods; it opens with equal success the Obstructions of the Liver, the Spleen, and cures the Diseases which are the continuation of it, like Jaundice, Stink of breath, and other similar ... "

Taken in spoonfuls or "externally", this admirable water saw its recipe spread in Germany. Apothecary, Giovanni Paolo Feminis managed to obtain the manufacturing secret in Italy from nuns and introduced it to the Rhineland in the 18th century. The city of Cologne gave it its name and the growth of trading was then developed by Jean Marie Farina, nephew of Feminis.

In Diderot's Encyclopédie, Cologne is defined as follows: "alcohol flavored by a large number of plants, and distilled on these aromatics". The ingredients are cited: rosemary, lemon balm water, bergamot, neroli, cedar, lemon ...

And the story continues in Germany with the bank Mühlens and a recipe given as a wedding gift. The family began to market it under a number: "4711, the real Eau de Cologne", a name due to the numbering of the houses imposed by the French occupants. Amateur of this cologne, Napoleon would have imposed a decree to verify the formulas of these "remedies".

In France, Jean-Marie Farina moved to rue Saint Honoré in 1806 and began to manufacture Cologne. For Napoleon, he created a vertical bottle to place in the boots, "the roll of cologne". He will be succeeded by the Collas who sold the house to two cousins, at the origin of the current house Roger & Gallet (now in the lap of L'Oréal) who continues the manufacture of these classic colognes including Jean Marie Farina (since 1806). At Guerlain, several magnificent waters have stood the test of time, including Eau du coq. The Imperial Eau de Cologne was composed by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain in honor of the Empress Eugenie.



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