Honey of Acacia - Abbey of St. Mary of the Desert
  • Honey of Acacia - Abbey of St. Mary of the Desert

Honey of Acacia - Abbey of St. Mary of the Desert


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Acacia honey is a natural product with a very mild taste, bringing various health benefits: alleviating sore throats, detoxifying the liver ...

It brings vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Very fruity, it is of incomparable sweetness (that French bees work well !!!).

This honey was selected and conditioned by the Cistercian Brothers of the Sainte Marie Abbey of the Desert and then conditioned by them.

It will delight all members of the family: it can be used as well on pancakes, in herbal teas or cakes as bread on bread or a rusk.

Tip: A little onion at the bottom of a saucepan, golden chicken breasts and add fresh cream, sweet curry and acacia honey. You will give us new ones.

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100% acacia honey

Pot: 500g

Why production at the abbey is now stopped ?

With its bucolic environment, Sainte-Marie-du-Désert Abbey has always had an important apiary, from which it extracted a delicious sunflower honey.

"Here, the apiary is historic, it exists since the creation of the monastery", confirms the brother Pierre-André. But because of the lack of manpower, the aging community and the diminishing production of honey, the monks decided to sell their 150 hives to a beekeeper in the area. "Ten years ago we stopped producing honey and making candies. Today, in the strict sense of the word, nothing is produced anymore. Until 2011, the less helped us to make your skincare products - Bénédictines de Chantelle - but since the activity was repatriated in full to Chantelle to meet production standards. Father Abbot says: "Ten years ago there were ten more brothers in the community, so much extra labor. Beekeeping is a real activity that mobilizes a full-time brother. At the time of harvest, they had to be four to five. This is no longer possible today given our workforce. "


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