Classical eau de cologne
  • Classical eau de cologne
  • French product, raised in the cellar at the monastery
  • Reasonable and ethical manufacturing
  • Monastic quality

Eau de Cologne Classic 80% vol.


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The classic Cologne

A touch of Rosemary for its antioxidant qualities, the wonders of Angelica melted in a hint of Orient.

Perfect accord, classic Cologne.

Based on natural essences obtained from plants harvested in the sun of the South or even of Africa, our colognes are carefully filtered after having matured a long time. Hence their craftsmanship and the excellent performance of their scents.

For your pleasure and that of your loved ones.

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The perfect harmony of essential oils provides a large armful of scents with subtle accents.

80% vol.

Available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles

Handcrafted product made in France in the heart of the abbey. ISO and MONASTIC certified.



Cologne is a category of perfumes containing 4 to 6% of essence. Less concentrated than eau de toilette but more than fresh water, cologne has the distinction of being a sober fragrance that is easy to wear on a daily basis. This invigorating water appeals to both men and women to whom it gives a wonderful feeling of well-being.

The legendary history of cologne dates back to the 14th century. The disabled and gouty Queen of Hungary is said to have received the recipe for miraculous water from a monk or an angel and enjoys its benefits by recovering youth and health. Made in convents, the miraculous waters diversified and became essential for daily grooming. Then called Aqua Regina, they delicately cleanse, beautify and perfume the body in addition to the therapeutic virtues attributed to them. Building on its reputation, the Aqua Regina water formula was highly coveted and discovered by Gian Paolo Feminis, an Italian sales representative who hastened to manufacture it, renaming it Aqua mirabilis or "admirable water". When he died, he passed on the secrets of Aqua Mirabilis to his nephew Gian Maria Farina, who in turn ended up marketing it in Germany under the name of cologne. At the end of the 18th century, soldiers of Louis XV discovered it and hastened to bring it back from Cologne to France.

This is how France became permanently attached to the admirable eau de Cologne. During the same period, cologne continued to rise on German soil.


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