Alpargate beer - Ambrée - Carmel de Sens
  • Alpargate beer - Ambrée - Carmel de Sens

Alpargate beer - Ambrée - Carmel de Sens


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Alpargate beer - Ambrée - Carmel de Sens

A high fermentation amber beer using caramel malt to remove any feeling of bitterness.

The result is surprising even when you are not used to tasting amber beers.

Box of 6 bottles

Foam: Extremely abundant.

Color: Clear and limpid amber.

Scent: Quite intense, malty.

Taste: Quite intense too, malty too, with a little spiciness.

Supplier: Sisters of Carmel of Sens

Ingredients: Contains barley malt. Beer and honey fermented drink

Capacity: 6x 33 cl

Made in France

Alcohol percentage by volume: 6.5 

The nuns of the convent of Sens struggled to raise funds to renovate the monastery, where seven of them reside. To solve the problem, they approached a Senonese brewery. Result, the "beer of the nuns". We knew the nuns of Sens as sellers of hosts, those small round breads consecrated during mass. But this was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of repairing the monastery, whose buildings date from 1625. An important issue from a heritage point of view, but capital for the seven nuns who reside there. So to compensate for the lack of resources, these members of the Carmelite Order decided to join forces with the Larché de Sens brewery to produce two new beers, sold by the sisters. A blond beer and an amber beer were therefore brewed, both at 6.5 °. And the idea is not so absurd, since the Cistercian monks (from the abbey of Cîteaux in present-day Côte-d'Or) were among the first to brew beer. And even the name of these new drinks is a nod to the history of the Order. They are called Alpargate, from the same name as the shoes worn by the Cistercians. These bottles with funny labels will be marketed at the start of the school year at the Leclerc supermarket in Sens and in various monasteries in France, contacted by the sisters. The funds collected will therefore be used to renovate the half-hectare of land and buildings, and in priority the roofs.


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