DVD Made in Chantelle
  • DVD Made in Chantelle
  • Life and work of a religious community in Chantelle

DVD Made in Chantelle - Saint-Vincent Abbey

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On DVD, the poetic backside of the decor of the Chantelle Abbey inhabited by a community of Benedictines who lives in silence, prays and makes cosmetics.

Thus could begin the fairy tale that we employees, we live on a daily basis. Of course, that no one dreams, we work in a normal and rigorous company, with labor law, regulations, specific objectives to be achieved ... Nevertheless we consider ourselves privileged. At noon, during the meal break, nothing prevents us from taking a little tour in the surrounding nature, so varied and so beautiful in all seasons, before going back to work ...

Discover the rest on video in this DVD Made in Chantelle

Production: Justine Emard

Duration: 12.29 minutes

In the morning, our centuries-old abbey, steeped in history since 937, opens its doors. The sisters are still at morning prayer or at Mass. The workshops are already coming to life, the phone is starting to ring. Little by little, the sisters join the employees, who in the shop, who in the accounts, who in the expeditions; our older sisters, happy to have another activity, work peacefully, at the rhythm of their inner prayer, to what is entrusted to them. What an adventure !

Since 1954, the community has made a living from this work, both financially (it's a chance to live in such a beautiful place, but the heritage is expensive ...) and as a balance in their prayer life. This community work, started small, with the project to produce and sell quality products, efficient, simple, close to nature, gradually became more complex with the arrival of more rigorous standards. We were able to adapt, hire competent people, diversify the distribution networks. The presence of the laity allows our community to continue this beautiful story, to remain open to the world of today, while seriously pursuing its community life of prayer, work, spiritual welcome. But all this is only possible thanks to all of you who have been with us often for years. We hope that you will enjoy this carefully designed site and make you want to share it with others. Without you, the Chantelle adventure would end quickly!

Thank you for your loyalty and ... do not hesitate to come and visit us! Chantelle is located in a little corner of paradise!


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