Lepidium Herbal Tea from Maylis Abbey
  • Lepidium Herbal Tea from Maylis Abbey

Lépidium Herbal Tea - Maylis Abbey


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A "miraculous" plant draining and detoxifying!

Cultivated, harvested, dried, sorted by the hand of the Maylis monks, Lepidium latifolium becomes the Maylis Plant, recognized for over 60 years for its effectiveness. Taken as a decoction or as an infusion, it contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive and biliary, renal and urinary systems. It also has beneficial properties for the skin.
Already in the ninth century, the Plant of Maylis was one of the essentials that Charlemagne asked the monks of the Middle Ages to cultivate medicinal plants in their gardens.

It now exists in two forms:
- depurative herbal tea
- capsules of food supplements

a cure = 18 days

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Composition: Leaves and flowers of Lepidium Latifolium (Grande Passerage)

Directions for use: 3 cups per day: morning (preferably on an empty stomach), noon, evening.

Preparation tips: 1 teaspoon of dried plant per cup, or 0.5 g. In infusion or decoction, leave to infuse for a good 5 minutes while covering.

Keep cool - Net weight about 30 g

The bagging and the making of the boxes of the herbal tea are carried out in collaboration with people with disabilities working in an ESAT (Establishment and Service of Work Assistance)

Lepidium was brought back to Maylis at the end of the 19th century by a missionary returning from Asia.

The monks of the abbey have acclimatized the plant and cultivate it by hand for almost 50 years. With this herbal tea "with a thousand virtues", you can finally take care of your well-being. Over the years, the traditional properties of this rare plant have been confirmed by numerous testimonies.

Taken as a decoction, Maylis herbal tea is beneficial for its purifying value. It participates in the digestive and biliary functioning, renal and urinary. It also has beneficial properties for the skin.

Make sure you drink lots of water when you cure, especially if you choose the "capsules option".

The name Maylis

The origin of the first name Maylis is the place itself and the Marian sanctuary attached to it.

Here is an etymology quite probably false, but beautiful: Maylis comes from May, mother in Gascon, and lily, symbol of purity.
Maylis would therefore mean pure mother, mother of purity and pure souls.


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