Artisanal jewel - made in france
  • Artisanal jewel - made in france
  • Mother-of-pearl catholic cross
  • The cross - jewel

Beautiful jewelry made in France

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Beautiful craft jewel made in France.

A pearly cross is held by a gold chain that incorporates genuine pearl beads (gold chain in a StellOr alloy).

A simple pendant, the cross measures about 4 cm in height and will be ideal to be worn every day.

Much more than a simple jewel, it represents the Catholic ritual sign ...

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Chain about 32 cm

The term cross comes from the Latin word crux which has the meaning of "post", "gallows", even "gallows". The one most used in Christendom today is the Latin cross, which is the form of the wooden instrument of torture where Jesus Christ was nailed. The cross is also the sign of affirmation of the Catholics when they draw it on their body by means of the right hand by making the "sign of the cross".

The sign of cross is a ritual gesture consisting of wearing two or three fingers of the right hand on his forehead and then on his chest, and finally from one shoulder to the other (from left to right for Catholics, from right to left for the Orthodox) by pronouncing the words: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Drawing on himself a cross, symbol of the Passion of Christ, this faithful makes profession of Christian faith and relies on redemption through Christ. It is said that he "signs himself".

The sign of the cross dates from the third century and was only made on the front until the seventh century. It is common to most Christian denominations, although Protestants practice it less than Catholics and Orthodox.


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