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  • Carrés démaquillants lavables

Washable cleansing squares - organic cotton


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Made in France

A pretty wooden box, a clever washing net made of organic cotton and 15 essential washable make-up removing squares, the Eco Kit is ideal for women using several make-up removing cottons every day. The complete kit to switch from disposable cotton to washable!

15 organic cotton double sided squares + wooden box for storage + organic cotton net for washing


The 15 makeup remover squares represent the equivalent of 4,500 cotton squares, for those who use 1 to 2 cotton pads per day.
The Eco Kit will allow you to replace your disposable cottons by combining natural and ecology in your bathroom.

The use of the PEFC wooden box and the washing net avoids any additional stress or machine.

Use them with your usual product, put them in the net once used and put the net directly in the machine when it is full ... wash and reuse.
The two-sided square allows all uses:
- Smooth side: For thick products (Chantelle milk) and sensitive parts of the face (eye area, etc.)
- On the loop side: for deep cleaning or for use with fluid products (tonic lotion, etc.)

Why this Eco kit for zero waste makeup removal?

The designer replies: “Uh ... well because I like to keep it simple, I am pragmatic and I want practice. After creating my washable make-up remover squares in 2009, I quickly realized that the option to play basketball towards the laundry basket, have fun hunting for make-up remover squares in the shirt sleeves and pockets. pants ... how to say ... It wasn't my thing. So washable ok ... but simple, efficient and without additional machines.

I started looking for a box, first for me, especially since it was plastic at the start (nothing else found ^^) but in a fair approach, the test box was quickly replaced by our supplier. wooden box which is still the same today. He manufactures all of his boxes in France, using sustainably managed wood, in a global approach. That's what I liked!

Then the net: Like everyone, I started with polyester nets, made in China at the beginning, sorry. But a year later, I went to meet Françoise, Les Mouettes Vertes, a Parisian company that works with the biggest in organic cosmetics to make beautiful products that have meaning and values. We worked together on a beautiful project: Have kits made in a true global, ethical and real approach. Of a woman from Brittany, who grows in human values ​​above all, in social as well as environmental values ​​and who since ... accompanies us on a daily basis.

For washable make-up removing squares ... Very quickly the salon became too small ... How to give meaning to these products when you make them yourself from your salon in a gendarmerie in Burgundy? By having them made by ... a detention center! This is the choice I made when I knocked on the door of the Joux la Ville detention center. I met Sylvain there, then the whole team of the detention center, since ... our squares are still made there!

FOR A KIT THAT IS INTEGRATED IN OUR LIVES SUSTAINABLY! bah yes ... squares alone, in small quantities, that means washing them by hand so this creates constraints, and therefore over time the risk of returning to buy disposable cotton is increasing because changing for more complicated does not hold water a long time ... And that, apart from overloading our trash cans and destroying our world even more, it does not serve, in our opinion ... nothing!

So, I said to myself: Practical and Simple above all!
● 1 Kit as simple to use as disposable cotton.
● Squares in different materials for different needs of each.



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