Elixir Liqueur - 1605 - Chartreuse Monastery
  • Elixir Liqueur - 1605 - Chartreuse Monastery

Elixir Liqueur - 1605 - Chartreuse Monastery


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This exceptional beverage consisting of a bouquet of 130 plants will delight your taste buds and make your digestion happy. For several centuries the monks of the Chartreuse have made this elixir, whose known and recognized virtues give it the name of Health liquor. Its intense taste will delight your taste buds.

This recipe of which only 2 friars have the secret is at 55 ° Vol.

A whole story exists around this Elixir of long life.
It was in 1605 that the formula was given to the monks of the Chartreuse of Vauvert by the Marshal of d'estrées. Years have been necessary for the study of this mixture and to succeed in fixing the final recipe that we all know today.
A scientific mixture of 130 plants precisely dosed so that this drink brings a digestive well-being. It will be particularly appreciated after a good meal.
More than just a drink is a real escape from the senses.

Bottle 70cL
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to be consumed in moderation.

Carthusian Order
An order of contemplatives

who dedicate their whole existence to God alone. Their vocation develops in two forms:

    - The fathers are priests, that is to say, they have received the priesthood. Most of the time they live in the silence of their little house called "cell".
    - The brothers, in addition to their contemplative life, carry out the work necessary for the life of the monastery.
    These are the two very complementary ways of life of the Charterhouse, under the sign of the common search for God, in a very lonely environment.

The solitude of the Carthusian is neither a resignation nor an abandonment, but the choice of a space of freedom, where the self-giving is fully expressed in favor of humanity, and where a universal prayer rises permanently .

Thus in our modern world, made of constant changes, the Order of Carthusians affirms, ceaselessly since Bruno's first steps in the mountains of Chartreuse, a universal quest, an ideal of truth and inner fullness. The quest for the whole man, the man of all time.


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