Amber robe white wine solan orthodox monastery
  • Amber robe white wine solan orthodox monastery

White wine with amber color - Saint jean bouche d'or - Solan manastery


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The vintage Saint Jean Bouche d'Or made by the Sisters of the Abbey of Solan is a wine with amber color, nose with aromas of candied fruits and raisins.

In the mouth it is round, balanced, with a lot of matter and aromas of dried fruits.
Aged 3 years in oak barrels by the sisters of Solan Abbey. It is to be eaten fresh (10 to 12 ° C) and will accompany with pleasure your foie gras, parsley cheese or desserts.

Bottle of 50cl (14% vol) *

* To consume with moderation, alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.

The establishment of the abbey and cultures

Pierre Rabhi advised us to make an inventory of the existing resources of the domain, then to start from this inventory to build our land development project. These words guided our orientation. We left to meet the estate, with openness, with great curiosity, and with love too. .. and it was the start of a wonderful adventure.

We have undertaken to rethink the management of Solan's land. Its potential lies in its diversity which must be found and used. This diversity is both richness and fragility. It requires great vigilance in land management and requires the use of specialists in the many fields that constitute it (viticulture, arboriculture, hydrogeology, forest ...).

We started in 1993 to transform the products of the earth. Little by little, over the course of meetings and studies, and with the support of the Association of the Friends of Solan, we have diversified the cultures and restored our woods, all with a view to heritage management.

Throughout this journey, we were supported by various people and organizations, to whom we would like to express our thanks.

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