Verrine of ham knuckles - Bricquebec Abbey
  • Verrine of ham knuckles - Bricquebec Abbey

Verrine of ham knuckles - Bricquebec Abbey


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From the Abbey of Notre Dame de la Grâce (50) - Bricquebec

Enjoy it fresh with a salad. You can also eat it slightly warm or the chef's recipe:

- A fresh baguette

- a little Dijon mustard inside

- a bed of salad chews from the market

- Bricquebec ham

Treat yourself !

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Net weight: 220 g

Composition: 72% pork ham, dextrose, salt, acidifier: potassium lactate, preservative: sodium nitrite, spices (sulfites), garnish jelly: pork feet, water, carrot, onion, salt, pepper, spices and herbs

Name of Scandinavian origin.
It comes from Brekka: slope, hill and Bekkr: stream.
Literally: The stream at the foot of the hill.

Since 1960, the brothers of Bricquebec Abbey have developed pig farming to survive. Going from a small herd of 10 sows to 50 then soon 200!

The breeding develops in the open air. Thirty years later, the profound changes in agriculture have led the brothers to think of processing their pigs themselves to give them added value. Thus was born "La charcuterie de la Trappe" and a few years later "Le cochon du Père Marc" registered trademark, which provides certified pork to the charcuterie.

So Father Marc's breeding continues on its way!

Our Lady of Grace

No one should think that by their consecration the religious become foreign to men or useless in the earthly city.

Because if they are not always alongside their contemporaries, they are present to them more deeply in the heart of Christ, cooperating spiritually with them, so that the construction of the earthly city always has its foundation in the Lord and is oriented towards him, so that those who build do not risk to toil in vain.

Vatican II (L.G. 46)


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