Savory cakes - Tepeyac - Barroux Abbey
  • Savory cakes - Tepeyac - Barroux Abbey
  • Tepeyac - Aperitif cookies, Mexican flavor

Savory cakes - Tepeyac - Barroux Abbey

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Tepeyac - Aperitif cookies, Mexican flavor.

Homemade production for these shortbread cookies - Tepeyac - direct from Sainte Madeleine du Barroux abbey.
Indeed, the Barroux monks are pastry specialists (shortbread, gingerbread, etc.), so it was quite simple for them to create an original recipe for savory cakes. As an aperitif with a glass of rosé (from Barroux of course - take a tour in La cave des Abbayes), during a picnic or simply to meet a little hunger, they are delicious and contain only good things . Just as spicy as it should be, the addition of olive oil makes this tepeyac cookie both crisp and light. A treat to share.

Real Monastic craftsmanship, made in Provence (84330).

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250 g box (net weight)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, eggs, tomato puree, spices and aromatic herbs (pepper, coriander, peppers, sesame, cumin, oregano, parsley), salt, olive oil, sugar, yeast, pepper, onion

This Benedictine monastery is very attached to the traditional liturgy. The brothers take advantage of a night office (Matins) at 3:20 am. The regulatory Brother rings an interior bell that rings in all cell corridors. One of our main observances is the night sunrise. Monks, like our Lord, have always loved to pray at night. Formerly the Fathers of the desert woke up to the sound of the trunk.
We have just ten minutes to take a sweater if it is cold, put on the coat (choir coat) and go down from all corners of the monastery to take our places in the stalls.
As in Chantelle, part of the monks' day is of course devoted to the second part of the Rule of Saint-Benoit, Work. In addition the community being large, the monks can offer you many achievements fruit of the work of their hands. They produce their grapes to make wine, many savory and sweet delicacies and even sweets including Nougat.


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