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Dessert creams - flans 8 flavors - Abbaye de la Coudre


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The Abbey of Notre-Dame de la Coudre is an abbey of active Cistercian nuns, located in Mayenne - France - in the commune of Laval.
Direct from the monastery, we offer 8 recipes for flans with different scents to the delight of children but also adults.
Praline, vanilla, coffee, pistachio, cocoa, lemon, raspberry or the famous salted butter caramel, the choice is yours.
This specialty of the sisters made by hand in their workshop is also called dessert. With a fine and generous taste, very simple to prepare (add milk and heat) is obviously without coloring or preservative.

The taste of flans from our childhood.

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Net weight: 45g or 900g

It can be prepared and tasted both for tea and for dessert.

Preparation: 45g for 1/2 liter of milk.
Boil for a minute, pour into ramekins, allow to cool and put in the fridge.

Ingredients: sugar, natural flavor, corn starch, gelling agent: carrageenans

La Coudre Abbey, today, at the gates of the city ...
If the Trappistine community gave its name to the peripheral boulevard which runs along its walls, on the other hand it simply received the name of "La Coudre", a place planted with ashtrays, that is to say wild hazel trees.
Also, in the silent hours of the morning, it is not uncommon to observe squirrels in the park, and this a few hundred meters from the busy way and urban dwellings!
This is the paradox of this Cistercian community: a place of calm and peace, at the gates of the city of Laval.
Today, at La Coudre Abbey, there are around fifty sisters, of all ages and from all walks of life. The same thirst brings us together, the same quest: the search for God.

To remain faithful to its specific mission of prayer in the heart of the world, the community has created an economic structure allowing a balance of monastic life: Ora et labora.
This work provides sustenance for the whole community.

Dessert cream: custard flan

To meet their needs, the Trappistine Sisters of the Abbey of La Coudre make desserts with a fine and generous taste, without coloring or preservatives: the specialty "Real Trappe"!
In 1974, a sister of the Abbey began to make desserts with the recipe and the material inherited from a friend of the Monastery.
She makes 10 kg of powder in a small mixer which she bags by hand. These sachets, sold at the small shop in the Abbey, were a real success, which led the sisters to equip themselves with a larger mixer in 1977 and then with a bagger in 1989, allowing 500,000 bags to be produced per year sold. across all distribution networks. The range then includes 6 flavors: Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee, Praline, Lemon, Raspberry sold in sachets of 50 g for ½ liter of milk.
In 2013 the sisters invested in new, much more efficient machines. To the 6 flavors are added Pistachio and Salted Caramel. The recipe is less sweet for 45 g sachets.
These blanks are made from natural ingredients (seaweed, sugar, corn starch and vanilla, cocoa, coffee, lemon, praline-hazelnut and raspberry, pistachio and salted caramel) flavors, without coloring or preservatives.
They are rich in mineral salts, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins, their taste is fine and delicate. This natural and guaranteed "Monastic" product is a delight for young and old!


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