White tea - Organic Paï Mu Tan
  • White tea - Organic Paï Mu Tan

White tea - Organic Paï Mu Tan


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"Emperor's tea" (Paï Mu Tan) is cultivated in the province of Fujian in China. Only the bud and the first leaf of this tea are picked in small quantities in Spring. Voluminous and elongated leaves. Very low in theine and tannins, this white tea can be drunk at any time of the day.

Bench tea: Precious tea par excellence, white tea is a rare product since most of its production is geographically limited to the Chinese province of Fujian. It is one of the six colors of tea defined by the Chinese and is distinguished by minimal human intervention. Ultimate refinement, the varieties selected for its confection are dressed in a fine silvery white down. Could this be the origin of tea?

White tea Paï Mu Tan AB - The "tea of ​​the emperors"

Supplier: La Route des Comptoirs

Ingredients: Composition: White tea from China *
*: Ingredients from organic farming

Net Weight: 50g

Directions for use: Infusion time 8/10 min

Subtle floral flavor

Theine level Level 0/4

Made in The leaves are from the Chinese province of Fujian

The picking of this tea takes place only in the spring and is carried out manually. The leaves are just wilted and then dried. Covered with abundant gray-white down, these leaves give a light apricot infusion, flowery with notes of dry grass.

An organic tea is not a guarantee of flavor, it only certifies a "clean" cultivation method (without fertilizers or chemical insecticides). Tea is a noble product. In order not to break the tea leaves, the preparations are made by hand in the production workshop in Montreuil.

François Cambell has been traveling the tea route since 1997 to select the best organically grown tea gardens where working methods respect people (fair trade). He travels to the production sites to select original and high quality varieties of teas.


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