Digestive comfort infusion


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Digestive comfort infusion

A delicious infusion that contributes to an efficient digestion thanks to a wise mix of plant extracts, notably vervain, lemongrass, fennel, liquorice.

Ideal after a meal!

Return to a lightweight stomach!

Digestion comfort infusion

For a better quality, our partner LPEV uses a special innovative process which is respectful of the plant since it doesn’t use organic solvent. A result is a superior amount of condensed plants than those you can find usual plant extracts. Here, this procedure is used for vervain and liquorice extracts.

Content: 1 box of 20 infusettes

Directions for use: pour boiling water an the sachet. Let it infuse during 4-5 minutes in order to liberate the natural actives. Remove the sachet and stir.

Ingredients: wise mix of plant extract like vervain, lemongrass (40%), liquorice (15%), fennel (17%), peppermint (13%), marshmallow leafs (10%)

Provider: laboratoire LPEV, Auvergne, France


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