Alexion - Trappist monastery aiguebelle
  • Alexion - Trappist monastery aiguebelle

Alexion - Aiguebelle monastery


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Made in France by the monks of Aiguebelle Abbey, this secret recipe is alcohol-free and preservative-free.

The 52 plants which constitute it have very many properties including those of fortifying and reconstituting. We recommend it in times of fatigue, recovery or simply to enjoy its taste so inimitable.

Enjoy all the benefits of plants.

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Rich in vitamins and minerals, Alexion is especially recommended in times of fatigue; it promotes a good recovery during convalescence and also allows to support an extra effort.

Suitable for the whole family, this drink can be served very fresh as an aperitif without alcohol.

Composition: Water, decoction of walnut husk (11,7g), fructose syrup, plant extract (1195,8mg): green walnut, gentian, myrtle, cinchona, matricaria, vanilla, sage, orange, rosemary, roasted cocoa, melilot, ginger, marjoram, quassia, clove, bugrane, caraway, blackcurrant, milk thistle, fumitory, hibiscus, lemon balm, cola, plantain, rubus burl, blessed thistle, Cretan dictaria, centaury, cinnamon, coriander, hawthorn, calamus, auntie, imperial, elderberry, verbena, nutmeg, oregano, linden, thyme, hyssop, vulnerary, sagebrush, millefeuilles, savory, veronica, lavender, cumin, concentrated juices: blackcurrant (798mg), lemon (579,6mg), rose hip (579.6mg), vanilla extract 80.5mg, ginseng extract (23.5mg), natural aroma of blackberry, caramel color, essential oils: sweet orange (0.17mg), lemon (0, 17mg), peppermint (0.09mg), vitamins: C (80mg), B1 (1.1mg), B2 (1.4mg), B5 (6mg), B6 ​​(1.4mg), B9, B12 and PP (16mg)


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