Honey vinegar - slow fermentation

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A real honey vinegar, which is the result of a slow, traditional fermentation ... which allows it to develop its aromas with great finesse.

The first step is simple, we mix honey and water, then it gets complicated:

- "Alcoholic" fermentation to turn honey sugars into alcohol (6 months = mead).

- filtration

- decantation

- Second fermentation called acetic. The alcohol will change, the weather, the air and the wood working together to develop the aromas.

- decantation in large wooden "thunders"

Result: a golden vinegar, clear, very fragrant, no more sweet or alcoholic and little acid.

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It is used in all the usual uses of vinegar, in sauces and vinaigrettes, deglazing, seasonings, etc ...

Thanks to a slow "old-fashioned" fermentation, this vinegar has had time to develop its incomparable aromas. Golden and very fragrant, it has a softer acidity than a wine or alcohol vinegar and is therefore very uncomfortable for the stomach.


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